Is your application running too slowly? Does the database administrator blame the developer? Does the system administrator blame the database administrator? Is the network administrator suspiciously silent?

How do you stop the finger-pointing and identify the real performance problem? With definitive performance diagnostic data. McNeely uses the highly regarded Method R performance tuning methodology (developed by Hotsos Enterprises) to troubleshoot many of the database tuning issues presented to us. This method focuses on choosing the best candidate processes for performance improvement based on business needs; identifying the performance bottlenecks associated with each poorly performing process rather than relying on aggregate database performance statistics; and selecting and performing modifications based on predicted organizational payoff.

If application tuning has historically been a frustrating, trial-and-error process for your organization, give Method R a try.

During a recent engagement, we reduced the runtime of a troublesome daily jobstream component from five hours to 14 minutes. We also provided recommendations for two programmatic changes that, if implemented, are anticipated to shrink the runtime of a long-running, frequently used report by nearly 100%.

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