Is your DBA or developer planning a vacation? Are you in between DBAs? Are your in-house resources overwhelmed by an unusually heavy workload?

Let McNeely:

  • Stand in for your vacationing database administrator or developer. We can learn procedures and standards from the staffer before the vacation starts, then, while the staffer is away, provide you with a resource with whom you will feel confident.
  • Tide you over when a team member separates from your organization until a replacement is trained and you’re once again comfortable with your in-house resources. We can convert the exiting staff member’s knowledge into effective procedural documentation before he/she leaves; perform job duties until the replacement team member arrives, then help the team member acclimate; and all the while ensure your database continues to run smoothly.
  • Tackle the projects that your in-house resources just can’t seem to get to.
  • Take on problems you’ve been avoiding because you feel uncomfortable with the level of in-house feature-specific expertise.

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