Your organization is new to Oracle or SQL Server. Who will install and take care of this strange new database flavor? Do you really need to hire a pricey full time database administrator?

Or maybe your application vendor created your database and got your application up and running, but now the implementation is complete and you need a way to meet the ongoing administrative requirements of your new database.

One solution is to train an existing employee to perform basic database administrative tasks and respond to common problems, then use consulting help only for the more complex situations that come up. McNeely is experienced with mentoring clients. We’ll get you started, create procedural documentation, teach basic database architectural principles and methods for performing common administrative tasks, and address your staff’s specific questions and concerns.

Alternatively, if you want to train an existing employee to be a full-fledged database administrator, we can help with that, too.

Our mentoring engagements have achieved excellent results and netted pleased clients in both of these scenarios.

If you want to turn over all database administration tasks to an outside resource, read about our Monitoring/Administration offerings.

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